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VictoryClass Community's icon

VictoryClass Community

VictoryClass Community's language

Hello! With having a friend to play online games with for the last 9 years and then suddenly not, I know the importance of having that someone to play games with. This server is a place where you can message in the community and someone will play with you. It's a friendly none toxic environment that

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candy store

candy store's language

Hello fam Welcome to our discord server. we talk about Psychedelic, drugs, RC, Memes. All your questions on any drug stuff would be answered. Share your experiences and recommendations to new users for their experiences Verified vendors (US, UK, EU) with all reviews and proofs you will need to ensur

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K-Singing | 🎄 Karaoke  🔔 Kpop  ❄ Anime  🦌 Social ⛪K-rap⛄ Fun🎓 Study🎉Events📻Radio🎲Bots🎮Gaming's icon

K-Singing | 🎄 Karaoke 🔔 Kpop ❄ Anime 🦌 Social ⛪K-rap⛄ Fun🎓 Study🎉Events📻Radio🎲Bots🎮Gaming

K-Singing | 🎄 Karaoke  🔔 Kpop  ❄ Anime  🦌 Social ⛪K-rap⛄ Fun🎓 Study🎉Events📻Radio🎲Bots🎮Gaming's language

?The best kpop (K-Pop) Server which welcomes all K-Pop fans and singers alike with Karaoke events and especially, giveaways! ?We already have over 600 emotes and high quality voice chats so dont forget to nitro boost our server ?

Republic of Imperia's icon

Republic of Imperia

Republic of Imperia's language

Welcome to the Republic of Imperia! In this mock government server, we have a few cool things to offer: -A government voted in BY THE PEOPLE -An awesome economy system. You can buy a factory to make passive income. (You may be taxed though smirk ) -Monthly Elections -Representative Voting -A c

Paradise Isle | Anime Discord Server ✿ Nitro Emotes/Emojis ✿ Genshin ✿ Art ✿ Stickers ✿ Active VC's icon

Paradise Isle | Anime Discord Server ✿ Nitro Emotes/Emojis ✿ Genshin ✿ Art ✿ Stickers ✿ Active VC

Paradise Isle | Anime Discord Server ✿ Nitro Emotes/Emojis ✿ Genshin ✿ Art ✿ Stickers ✿ Active VC's language

❀ꕥ✽ ฬelcome to Paradise! ✽ꕥ❀✿ We're a welcoming chill community where you can chat & be yourself. Everyone is welcome to join and have fun! We have fun bots, events like movie & game nights, a friendly atmosphere, and an active chat! Come join the family!

That Gay Bar (T.G.B)'s icon

That Gay Bar (T.G.B)

That Gay Bar (T.G.B)'s language

Come Join That Gay Bar (T.G.B). 18+ This is a place to be yourself, make friends, get involved in the rooms, and have some cyber company! The thing is, a lot of other servers have rules and limits on conversation topics and language. It can feel so restrictive! Sure, we will never allow blatan

Study Adda's icon

Study Adda

Study Adda's language

Welcome to the one and only Indian Study Server. Chill and study together here while listening to lofi music☕

Sex Chat's icon

Sex Chat

Sex Chat's language

Sex Chat is an adult entertainment discord server. NSFW content, strictly 18+ Colors based on gender and sexuality: Straight Girl: Pink Bi Girl: Rose Lesbian: Purple Pan and Others: Aqua Bi Male: Forest Green Gay Male: Orange Straight Male: Blue Female Mod: Red Male Mod: Lime Yellow

Folktale Cafe's icon

Folktale Cafe

Folktale Cafe's language

My server is a young community driven one. The idea is that people can come and chill and share their favorite dreams, mythos, bedtime stories, folktales, and poems. Of course, you can also post your original work in the library. Everybody gets a custom role and its chill and all that and it can be

Anime Revolution's icon

Anime Revolution

Anime Revolution's language

Join our server, we talk about anime and games and would like to welcome you to our server for open discussion for your favorite games, anime, manga, amvs. We would like to partner with other servers to help them grow and for our benefit as well.

Dark Apocalypse's icon

Dark Apocalypse

Dark Apocalypse's language

◤───⚓•ツ?????????ツ•⚓───◢ Get yourself into ????∞?????????? to interact with people who love ❊???? ?? ???? ?????? ❊???????? ❊T???? ?????? and most importantly the ones who ❦???? ?????? ???????❦ ✦

【N e r d y U n i t y】's icon

【N e r d y U n i t y】

【N e r d y U n i t y】's language

Welcome to Nerdy Unity! We are a heavily active ever-growing SFW community with lots to offer, such as: 18k Messages Daily | Roleplay | Events | Nitro Giveaways/Drops | Constant VCs | Chatty Community | Lots of Bots | FREE Partnerships | Well Moderated | Constant Emotional Support Give us a shot!

Absolution's icon


Absolution's language

A 18+ community where we can just get away from place where you may feel like you're overwhelmed. There is no judgment here.

Koishi_Clan's icon


Koishi_Clan's language

Looking for a one-stop for all your Koishi needs? Look no further! Here you can talk about Koishi, look at Koishi, listen to Koishi or even BE Koishi. All Touhou, Anime and fumo fans are welcome too, you can discuss anything with us! We offer: 👁‍🗨 2000+ unique Koishi images and gifs and other media

Master Admin BDSM's icon

Master Admin BDSM

Master Admin BDSM's language

It's a lifestyle, it's a community. Come relax, enjoy games chat and info

Pyre | 18+ SFW's icon

Pyre | 18+ SFW

Pyre | 18+ SFW's language

🔥 Pyre | 18+ SFW 🔥 A warm community with a little bit of everything! Here's a list of our core features! 🔥Housing faction system with monthly House Cup 🌳Our own custom Pyre Bot (Hi Terry!!) 🔥Movie nights, script readings, gaming streams 🌳Chat levelling & server currency w/ shop!

Lovely Maid Hotel RP's icon

Lovely Maid Hotel RP

Lovely Maid Hotel RP's language

A NSFW ERP-focused Love Hotel w/ERP-activity-based roles/rewards! Where most ERP servers focus on drawn-out RP to potential romantic encounters, LMH is all about one-night-stands made to order! Make a character (up to 10), grab a partner and a room and FUCK!

South Asian Languages's icon

South Asian Languages

South Asian Languages's language

South Asian Languages is an inclusive, family-friendly discord community for studying south asian languages. The server aims to promote the language diversity of South Asian countries (Afghanistan, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Bhutan & the Maldives).

VideoGiochItalia's icon


VideoGiochItalia's language

Benvenuti nel server ufficiale di! Il progetto nasce nel 2008 su YouTube come primo community channel italiano e si espande sulle principali piattaforme social nel corso degli anni. Dal 2019 amplia la sua presenza con la creazione di u #italia #italy #italian #italiano #it #ita

Discordo Nitropia's icon

Discordo Nitropia

Discordo Nitropia's language

🎉 Get your Discord Nitro or Nitro Classic subscription for free! #giveaways ... This server is not just about "Discord Nitro", but it's also a community for Discord enthusiasts. Want to have a server for chill and stuff? Come join us here in Discordo Nitropia!

・ Matsuyama ・松山・'s icon

・ Matsuyama ・松山・

・ Matsuyama ・松山・'s language

🏮・Уютный сервер с японским оформлением, на котором вы можете завести новых знакомых и хорошо провести время просто общаясь или играя с другими пользователями! Множество ролей, мероприятия, раздачи игр, адекватная администрация и множество другого ждет тебя на нашем сервере.

Israel's icon


Israel's language

Regardless of Nationality, Race, Gender, Ethnicity, or Sexuality, Israel greets you! Our discord is for anyone within the borders of Israel or abroad, for Jews, and Israelis, all around the world. We post News, talk about Politics, Post Memes, and chat about any topic that can cross your mind! We h

Blossom's icon


Blossom's language

Blossom Empire is an amazing community server dedicated to anime weebs and people who wish to express their inner-selves The server itself is mainly a friendly community server focusing on its members and their happiness.



RLX ESPORTS's language

Gaming platform For competitive and Professional players, active Tournaments with a huge pricepool and giveaways. Daily practice sessions available. Livestream on YouTube and on other social medias. Gamers and streamers will be invited to play in our live streams. Weekend tournaments also conducted.

Sakura Bot's icon

Sakura Bot

Sakura Bot's language

Sakura bot is a roleplaying bot, and has many powerful and unique features to be discovered

Aurora Lounge's icon

Aurora Lounge

Aurora Lounge's language

DANK MEMER PREMIUM!!!! Welcome to the Aurora Lounge! A chill community with custom bots, giveaways, media channels and more! Welcoming and respectful of all in this community aslong as you don't cause a nuisance ? Hope you at least try us out, Hope to see ya

The Wish's Curse's icon

The Wish's Curse

The Wish's Curse's language


Warriors of the Rainbow's icon

Warriors of the Rainbow

Warriors of the Rainbow's language

There will come a day when people of all races, colors, and creeds will put aside their differences. They will come together in love, joining hands in unification, to heal the Earth and all Her children. They will move over the Earth like a great Whirling Rainbow, bringing peace, understanding and h

The Grid's icon

The Grid

The Grid's language

Welcome to The Grid, a digital frontier! We are a roleplay server based before Tron: Uprising and before The Purge. Join and be a User, Program or an ISO!

?The Haven?'s icon

?The Haven?

?The Haven?'s language

We are a 18+ peer-led general mental health support chat. In addition to providing peer support for most mental health issues, we strive to create a welcoming community where people can hang out and have fun.

Kermit Klan's icon

Kermit Klan

Kermit Klan's language

a froggy filled gaming/chill server filled with retarded teens and abusive admins. join at your own risk.

Official FMAdvancedPlaymaker's Discord's icon

Official FMAdvancedPlaymaker's Discord

Official FMAdvancedPlaymaker's Discord's language

Really active football manager discord server with a great community and a strong mod team. If you like football or any other sports and their video game counterparts, this is the place for you!