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D r e a m s

D r e a m s's language

Hello dreamers! by : @Jasøn#6501 .We're a social gaming community, anime enthusiasts, and just overall chill people! We will hold move nights, prizes, karaokie and all around good vibes! We have very wholesome members and I'm excited to meet you all and maybe game with yall! Alot of good lookin fol

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Xbox Social Club [XSC]

Xbox Social Club [XSC]'s language

Looking for people to play games with on Xbox One? Join the Xbox Social Club today! We are a growing community filled with Gaming News, Photography and most importantly Looking For Group channels along with memes, music and games!

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recovery wing

recovery wing's language

RW is a place for folks who are looking to control, manage, or stop their addictions. We do not advocate solely on the behalf of any one program of recovery because there are many paths to achieving your goals.

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Alpha's language

Alpha is a mature chill community that is dedicated to be the best chill community discord server, and you can make friends, rivals, best friends, and more!

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CrodlTrading's language

We are a free trading community server that provides trading tools such as Tradingview indicators and also a telegram Trading bot that either be used to manually trade with or that you can automate trades with by using Tradingview and our or any indicator you like.

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Sinner's language

Nude Channels Verified channels to post in! We are a chill community that doesn’t ban people for dumb reasons Might find yourself a e-girl or a e-boy We have creative channels like confessions and many more NSFW ROOMS

Pepe Emoji Server's icon

Pepe Emoji Server

Pepe Emoji Server's language

The relaunch of the much loved Pepe Emoji Server is back! = Many Pepe/Pepo/Pogger Emojis = You can submit your own emojis! = You can suggest emojis to be added! = You can spam to your hearts content in the appropriate channel! Join now and use your favourite pepo emojis everywhere!

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Burberry's language

Hey fruits, come to our close-knit server! Mostly im looking for new friends to talk to. I already have my old pals but im tryna meet new ppl! We play games & vc together & if that’s something you’d think u would be interested on and join the party! We are here for you 🧊.




a fun horror based server to rp in. roleplay is the main focus of the server, with channels made for creepypasta, friday the 13th, and halloween. more places soon to come!

Shirim Hahallel 🎧's icon

Shirim Hahallel 🎧

Shirim Hahallel 🎧's language

¿Te gusta la música hebrea? ¿Hablas español o te gustaría saber, entender y poder cantar esas canciones que tanto te gustan? Únete y podrás disfrutar de traducciones al español a tu alcance.

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BetSteps's language

Welcome to BetSteps Do you like Sports Betting? Feel free to Join our Betting Community! FREE/VIP Predictions - Your Sports Corner - Cooperate with other Bettors

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The Basement

The Basement's language

A chill hangout for video game, anime, manga, movies and more.

Delaware | Social • Anime • Fun's icon

Delaware | Social • Anime • Fun

Delaware | Social • Anime • Fun's language

💫Welcome To Delaware!💫 🌟We are a Chill Anime Server That talks About Anime And Other Stuff! The theme If our Server Is Called All For One Which means Everyone is welcomed! 💫No matter what you like or Dislike !👑 We are Also At Level 3 And 1k Members! 🎉Come join Us!🎉

Equestria - A New Generation's icon

Equestria - A New Generation

Equestria - A New Generation's language

Welcome to Equestria - A New Generation! We aim to become a friendly community; Where we together can enjoy each other's company and share friendships! Everyone is welcome! We hope to bring together the most amazing of people; Namely You!. if you're struggling with issues, Mentally or physically. Or

Epimetheus Kingdom's icon

Epimetheus Kingdom

Epimetheus Kingdom's language

Welcome, everyone, to a humble server. MIX SERVER ARABIC / ENGLISH EUROP / AFRICAN / ASIA This is a new server with new stuff in it. Admin Active 24/7



ZERO DEATHS MAX's language

1 of the best discord servers just from building it to all no verification needed.

👻Billie Eilish【♡Br/US】🎃's icon

👻Billie Eilish【♡Br/US】🎃

👻Billie Eilish【♡Br/US】🎃's language

Portuguese: Olá! Venha conhecer meu fã clube da Billie Eilish! Ainda está meio pequeno, e irei deixar-lo o melhor possível para os meus avocados! Você pode mandar fotos/vídeos/gifs/edits da Billie e fazer várias amizades com os mesmos gostos! Espero que gostem ^-^ English: Hi! Come meet my Billi

Sinful 18+ | No.1 Active Adults Verified• Gaming Social •Egirls/Eboys• iOS Join Desktop Browser's icon

Sinful 18+ | No.1 Active Adults Verified• Gaming Social •Egirls/Eboys• iOS Join Desktop Browser

Sinful 18+ | No.1 Active Adults Verified• Gaming Social •Egirls/Eboys• iOS Join Desktop Browser's language

✨Sinful 18+ Adult SFW & Sinful Community•1:1 Ratio • Profiles • Selfies • Dating • Gambling• Events & Clubs• Active Chats & VC's • Among Us

Goetics and Enochian's icon

Goetics and Enochian

Goetics and Enochian's language

We have the best resources and community. We strive to bring you content without fluffy nonsense like recruiting and gimmicks.

Unholy (18+)'s icon

Unholy (18+)

Unholy (18+)'s language

Helo~ you have been invited to "Unholy" a hangout server for people over 18 years to have a simple social space hangout! this server includes: ×┆ Create a VC ×┆ 24/7 Active VC's ×┆ Active chats ×┆ Friend groups!

One Piece's icon

One Piece

One Piece's language

We are a friendly One Piece community that well, focuses on One Piece. However, we also offer a variety of other channels for you to discuss other AniManga. We have One Piece updates often, a fun AniGame clan, emotes, roles, trusted mods, friendly members and more! Come join us, we welcome all and w

W15i: Overworld's icon

W15i: Overworld

W15i: Overworld's language

**W-15i: Overworld** is the Official Server of the Game-Dev and Web-Dev Team, **W-15 Interactive**, who are the creators of **Land of Calgwin™️ Franchise** and **Deserter**! ? We have recently released our new **Public Discord Bot** to the World! ? We have our **Multi-Purpose Discord Server Bot!

El Mc. Combo [Summer Time]'s icon

El Mc. Combo [Summer Time]

El Mc. Combo [Summer Time]'s language

Hola, somos una comunidad pequeña que disfruta jugar videojuegos y charlar, ven y pasa un tiempo excepcional con nosotros, ¡Te va a encantar!

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VoiceWhores's language

This is just ONE voice channel. Only join if you talk through mic.

Fish's icon


Fish's language

• Gaming • Live Streams • Events And Giveaways • Chill Community

Head Service's icon

Head Service

Head Service's language

hello I am a friendly server owner, I am looking for players we currently have Dank Memer, and yes I don't block pls rob I am a cool server owner! join now

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Gigantica's language

[18+] Looking for a Macro/Micro community? ✨ ► Join Gigantica ◄ ✨ We have opened gates for all Humans, Furries, Scalies, Bronies, and more!

Minecraft LFG-Last LFG Server Standing's icon

Minecraft LFG-Last LFG Server Standing

Minecraft LFG-Last LFG Server Standing's language

Hey Are You Looking For A Chill Discord Server To Find Someone To Play With Or Advertise Your Minecraft Server Well You Came To The Right Place

Dar-ul-Islam's icon


Dar-ul-Islam's language

Dar-ul-Islam! A welcoming Muslim community on Discord, small, but growing! Join us to meet and make new Muslim friends, and get the benefits of a Daily Ayah, Weekly Reminder and much more! (Please note, this is a Sunni server)

Extra Creamy!'s icon

Extra Creamy!

Extra Creamy!'s language

Extra creamy is a chill sfw server to chat in that welcomes anyone and we kind staff and chill members. We do: Gaming Events Nitro Giveaways Memes Shitpost And More! Feel free to join and stay in this epic server.

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Utopia's language

Utopia это дружелюбный сервер для приятного времяпровождения в котором вы можете найти новых друзей. Основная задача нашего сервера объединить людей с различными интересами.

Asil's Place's icon

Asil's Place

Asil's Place's language

🐦Welcome to Asil's Place! A place that was created by a tear of a Phoenix! Rest in our beautiful rose garden! Everyone is welcomed to join Asil's residence. We hope that you will find a forever home to stay at! (。´・ω・`。)🐦

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?? ???????? ? ??????

?? ???????? ? ??????'s language

Совместное размышление и обсуждение чего-либо, в спокойной, ироничной атмосфере. Если тебе интересно не только потреблять поверхностную инфу и эмоции в интернете.