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candy store

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Hello fam Welcome to our discord server. we talk about Psychedelic, drugs, RC, Memes. All your questions on any drug stuff would be answered. Share your experiences and recommendations to new users for their experiences Verified vendors (US, UK, EU) with all reviews and proofs you will need to ensur

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VictoryClass Community

VictoryClass Community's language

Hello! With having a friend to play online games with for the last 9 years and then suddenly not, I know the importance of having that someone to play games with. This server is a place where you can message in the community and someone will play with you. It's a friendly none toxic environment that

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Wild Rift MCS

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Крупнейшее фан-сообщество мобильной игры League of Legends: Wild Rift! Спонсируемые турниры, поиск тиммейтов, ламповая атмосфера, и многое другое! СНГ-комьюнити ждёт тебя! // тэги // wild rift discord, вайлд рифт дискорд, wild rift, вайлд рифт, league of legends wild rift discord, lol wild rift

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Cloud Nine Ⅹ ☁

Cloud Nine Ⅹ ☁'s language

⑅ᘏ﹕୭₊˚﹕ 𑁍┊ 九霄雲外 ˎˊ˗ Cloud Nine!! ﹆₊˚ ₊˚ฅ﹕Hey there! interested in joining? ,,︵⊹˚Ꮚ ଘฅ₊˚୨ : Take a look here,, ᗢ𓄹 ׅ ࣪ ˖︶꒷꒦⊹˚Ꮚ₊꒷︶꒷⊹˚Ꮺ ₊˚ฅ﹕funny meme filled server₊˚ଓ ✦୭ friendly n funny members! ╰╮ ୧⑅ helpful staff, ‧₊˚⊹ᗢ ⑅ᘏ Giveaways and events ^^ ᗢ𓄹 ׅ ࣪ ˖︶꒷꒦⊹˚Ꮚ₊꒷︶꒷⊹˚ ╰₊˚ᓚ﹕Wanna join? Oki! Here is an

The Cul-De-Sac 🎄's icon

The Cul-De-Sac 🎄

The Cul-De-Sac 🎄's language

𝘞𝘦𝘭𝘤𝘰𝘮𝘦 𝘵𝘰 𝘛𝘩𝘦 𝘊𝘶𝘭-𝘋𝘦-𝘚𝘢𝘤 | A chill SFW 18+ community to make friends and hang out. We have a little bit of everything here & we welcome all with open arms! 420 friendly | VC friendly | Immaculate vibes

??The Safe Place??'s icon

??The Safe Place??

??The Safe Place??'s language

A support server with extremely friendly and well experienced staff, with lots of channels based on your interest, as well as one-on-one support sessions, general or specific mental health discussion channels, and private venting.

Everything Minecraft's icon

Everything Minecraft

Everything Minecraft's language

Hey there! We are a minecraft-based SFW community gaming server made to bring all minecraft enthusiasts together into a friendly and interactive environment. Come along and join the fun!

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AdvaithBot's language

The official server for AdvaithBot, a new multipurpose Discord bot with moderation and fun.

Infinite Forces Speed Battle Worldwide - !GST!'s icon

Infinite Forces Speed Battle Worldwide - !GST!

Infinite Forces Speed Battle Worldwide - !GST!'s language

This is a server for anyone who play Sonic Forces Speed Battle, joining and sharing your amazing skill or learn experience from each other. Also for anyone want to join a clan call "!GST!" but this is not official clan & server since this not exist on the game. Or you can join as Sonic fan ^^

LGBTQ+ Hangout's icon

LGBTQ+ Hangout

LGBTQ+ Hangout's language

lgbtq friendly, venting, confessions, and friendly community. Always welcoming everyone and getting rid of the haters, safe space for all no matter if you are LGBTQIA+ or straight. We will not judge you or anyone else <3



BD WEEB CIRCLE's language

𝕎𝔼𝕃ℂ𝕆𝕄𝔼 𝕋𝕆 𝔹𝔻 𝕎𝔼𝔼𝔹 ℂ𝕀ℝℂ𝕃𝔼 CHILL - GAMING - HANGOUT SERVER ━─━─━─━─━─◈─━─━─━─━─━ We are a new community server for passing time by playing games, listening music, making new friends and many more! BD WEEB CIRCLE is a fully SFW non toxic server with a very friendly minded people and many facilities.

📚 TOLKIENCORD 🌿🕯's icon


📚 TOLKIENCORD 🌿🕯's language

🌙🧝🏻‍♀️✨₊̣̇ : ⁺᛫ ₊̣̇ : ⁺᛫ ₊̣̇ : Tolkiencord is a space to discuss and share content related to J.R.R. Tolkien's works!; ₊̣̇ : ⁺᛫ ₊̣̇ : ⁺᛫ ₊̣̇ : ⚔️ ᛫ REQS ᛫₊̣̇ 🌿 ᛫ : Strictly 16+ : ᛫₊̣̇ ☕️ ᛫ : Type in coherent English : ᛫₊̣̇ 🌱 ᛫ : Join with the intention to take part in discussion : have fun! 🤍

СДСС | TYPE   C's icon


СДСС | TYPE   C's language

╰╮Хочешь общения? Найти тимейтов? Тогда тебе к нам!╭╯ ゚‧⊰─────╮✧╭─────⊱‧゚ ⊹〉 У нас есть интересные каналы и чаты ⊹〉 Красивое оформление ⊹〉 Хорошее отношение к тебе ⊹〉 Настоящий актив ⊹〉 Удобный сервер без лишнего ゚‧⊰─────╮✧╭─────⊱‧゚ Мы идём к тому чтобы стать больш

Vitamin-E's icon


Vitamin-E's language

We are an active and continuously growing community around the world to help people with their language while providing a good social platform. What we offer : 1. Learn Korean from native speakers. 2. Practice English with native speakers. 3. Chill and chat in general

Think Tank ?'s icon

Think Tank ?

Think Tank ?'s language

Learn how to make money PASSIVELY! When you join our community, we teach you how to make YOUR MONEY work FOR YOU instead of you working for your money. By creating several sources of passive income, this helps you achieve financial independence sooner and frees up your time!

Safest Space's icon

Safest Space

Safest Space's language

?If you're looking for a comfortable space in Discord, with people who CARE for your well-being, our server suits you. Specific spaces are made for you to RANT in, ask for HELP or MOTIVATION, if you'll need it. Topics on GOOD VIBES & HELPFUL people have spaces in here too. Hope to see you soon! ?

Nerd Herd's icon

Nerd Herd

Nerd Herd's language

We host Adult Games night have a very fun and active server. We have awesome nights watching movies or playing games in VR. Looking for gamers and people interested in VR or gaming in general. Guys and Gals come join!!We watch movies and games weekly. 21+ We have tons of events!!

The Citadel's icon

The Citadel

The Citadel's language

Come and join us at The Citadel, a server dedicated to all things Black Metal. Share and discuss the many amazing bands this genre has to offer, listen to music together in VC, explore the genre further. That's what we're all about, sharing the gift of Black Metal with as many people as possible. No

? Spoono! ?'s icon

? Spoono! ?

? Spoono! ?'s language

Compete against other teams and earn points to be the best team of all! Play games such as Uno and Cards Against Humanity, participate in special events, try your luck in the casino, jam out to music, make new friends, and more!

SHUTUP's icon


SHUTUP's language

Laidback server dedicated to vaporwave aesthetics! ⛱ Good vibes only and top notch community. ? Explore and express your creativity. ツ

Advertise Your Server's icon

Advertise Your Server

Advertise Your Server's language

Advertise Your Server is the #1 Discord Server, to advertise yours! Our #1 priority is to help make your server popular! Whether you're recruiting new members, or just forming a nice community, we've got you covered with a variety of channels to advertise it in! We also have lounging voice and text

˗ˏˋNerdy Roleplay´ˎ˗'s icon

˗ˏˋNerdy Roleplay´ˎ˗

˗ˏˋNerdy Roleplay´ˎ˗'s language

Small RP Community | Sister Server to Nerdy Unity | Welcoming to Newbies | Tupperbox Provided | Hundreds of RP Channels

Porn Club's icon

Porn Club

Porn Club's language

🇮🇹﹕ Server italiano per soli adulti dedicato all'esibizionismo. Non sono ammessi utenti che non hanno ancora compiuto la maggior età. 🇬🇧﹕ Italian server for adults only dedicated to exhibitionism. Users that have not yet reached the legal age are not permitted.

will not say's icon

will not say

will not say's language

A league of legends mainly discord server, I do release YouTube content occasionally, league montages/edits/tournament highlights and much more, pretty chill and fun community though its currently more dead than my last relationship, on the road to revive this server :D come and join yoo Karuta bot

??????The LGBTQ+ Community??????'s icon

??????The LGBTQ+ Community??????

??????The LGBTQ+ Community??????'s language

We are a community open to everyone LGBT and non LGBT!

Scott the Woz Community's icon

Scott the Woz Community

Scott the Woz Community's language

[1,100+ Members] The OLDEST, most ACTIVE, and MOST BOOSTED Scott the Woz server on discord. We have a very chill and welcoming community, and regularly host big events, calls, movie nights, giveaways, etc!

Graphical Centre #0.6k's icon

Graphical Centre #0.6k

Graphical Centre #0.6k's language

Welcome to Graphical Centre Graphical Centre is a welcoming server regarding the graphics, designing, and art community on ROBLOX. Here in Graphical Centre , you may learn new skills, make great friends, and generally improve your artwork. Looking to sell your artwork? You may get your own chann




⭐⭐⭐Turn passive hustle into main income!⭐⭐⭐ ⬇️⬇️ Whatever your coin, interest or language ⬇️⬇️ ? Pump Signals and Events ⚡ Crypto TA, Discussion and Advice ? Free Daily Signals! ? Learn and Earn ? Crypto Giveaways! ? 1500+ members in just 4 weeks!

The Crypto Planet™'s icon

The Crypto Planet™

The Crypto Planet™'s language

Hey you! Are you a crypto enthusiast looking for a server? The Crypto Planet™ is a server where you can learn everything about Crypto & the community will always be there if you have any questions.

✾ BDSM ✾'s icon

✾ BDSM ✾

✾ BDSM ✾'s language

An 18+ BDSM Discord that aims to safely educate those interested in kink. We hold unique weekly educational kink and fetish events (chosen by the community). From inexperienced to veteran BDSM practitioners, all are welcome here. We would love to have you.

Love ♡ | Social • Emotes • Aesthetic • Nitro • Cute's icon

Love ♡ | Social • Emotes • Aesthetic • Nitro • Cute

Love ♡ | Social • Emotes • Aesthetic • Nitro • Cute's language

× Love - New SFW Server × Pink Hearts Aesthetic × Growing Community × Looking For Staff × Tons of Cute Emotes (100+) × Tons of roles to get (Join now to claim OG role) × Help a new community grow <3 × We can't wait to see you! ×

Islamic Thought's icon

Islamic Thought

Islamic Thought's language

Islam/muslim discord for mature islamic-related discussions.