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Valhalla's language

|✨ VALHALLA ✨| A lewd community up in the heavens, beyond the pearly, golden gates. Join us for an eternity of fun~Join in for one hell of a time either chilling socially or even roleplaying! Did we mention the huge vault as well? Shh, don't tell Odin.. | ✨ 18+ ✨ |

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⭐AlphaTradeZone®⭐'s language

AlphaTradeZone® is a platform for cryptocurrency research, trading tips and education. VIP Trading calls - Quite good profits! Cryptocurrency research and analysis Automated trading Bot trading Algorithmic trading Crypto alerts on wallet transfers Crypto technical trading indicators

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The Wish's Curse

The Wish's Curse's language


Matcha | Social, Chill & Anime's icon

Matcha | Social, Chill & Anime

Matcha | Social, Chill & Anime's language

Coffeehouse server dedicated to customers looking for friendly, meaningful conversations.

『Monochrome.』- Anime and Manga's icon

『Monochrome.』- Anime and Manga

『Monochrome.』- Anime and Manga's language

The only limit is what you can't comprehend. Monochrome accepts all. Inherits the heart and soul(s) of the Soul Engine. The Ultimate place for Anime and Manga discussion and appreciation. This is your one stop destination.

Wholesome Café's icon

Wholesome Café

Wholesome Café's language

─────── · · · · ★ · · · · ─────── We are a small new aspiring community. This is a 18+ SFW adult mature server. It has cute emojies. Come check them out. It's purpose is for you to make friends xd Feel free to join. ─────── · · · · ★ · · · · ───────

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HUSH's language

This is a laid back all female WLW inclusive to les, bi, nb, and trans females community for socializing with an international and diverse userbase. Come and talk, listen to music, or show us things you've done! ONLY 16+ ALLOWED.

˚̩̩̥፠ˊˊΛntrelevyrle✨⸝⸝፠˚̩̩̥°̩̥‧̥·̊‧̍̊'s icon


˚̩̩̥፠ˊˊΛntrelevyrle✨⸝⸝፠˚̩̩̥°̩̥‧̥·̊‧̍̊'s language

🤍・📀:: ⊹ 【 This is a place to hang out and make new friends and as well as talk about your favorite things here. Go ahead and join today! ・Beautiful Emotes・Commuity・Anime・Gaming・ 】 ⊹ ::🌠・🖤

Maths and Physics Server's icon

Maths and Physics Server

Maths and Physics Server's language

A server for Maths and Physics and other Science discussions with room for all levels, from High School to Graduate level.

Stupid Town 18+'s icon

Stupid Town 18+

Stupid Town 18+'s language

Stupid Town is a place for those who wish to have a small but active server full of actual adults without the hook-up aspect. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ No Bullshit Description: - Verified Adults. (You will have to show your ID to verify within 24 hrs) - Age limit (18 - 30) - Girl friendly atmosphere

Rat Cᵤₗₜ's icon

Rat Cᵤₗₜ

Rat Cᵤₗₜ's language

A small sever full of different hangouts! Offers NSFW, SFW, RP, ERP, Games, Help and even just some new friends! A Non-toxic, LGBTG+ friendly sever!

Everyday Languages's icon

Everyday Languages

Everyday Languages's language

A community server to learn, improve and share your skills! Take classes, speak with natives and practice your language. Our community targets language learning and bringing different cultures together. We have multiple native speakers at preset and we grow everyday.

Casino Cypher's Slots's icon

Casino Cypher's Slots

Casino Cypher's Slots's language

Hey! Are you looking for a next-level casino entertainment stream?! Look no further! 𝐂𝐀𝐒𝐈𝐍𝐎 𝐂𝐘𝐏𝐇𝐄𝐑 just landed on Twitch! Raw Cash Giveaways, Community Challenges, Live Party Streams, and Guest streams with some cool and fun people! What to expect? 》50€ Giveaways every single stream and more 》E

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ambrosial's language

⌗ __ambrosial__ あ 🍵 ︰ cozy matcha theme 🧺 ︰ level 3 boosted 🌱 ︰ abundant pfp channels 🍙 ︰ hiring uploader’s , pm’s , and am’s 🧸 ︰ semi-active chats 🌿 ︰ welcoming community

El Mc. Combo [Summer Time]'s icon

El Mc. Combo [Summer Time]

El Mc. Combo [Summer Time]'s language

Hola, somos una comunidad pequeña que disfruta jugar videojuegos y charlar, ven y pasa un tiempo excepcional con nosotros, ¡Te va a encantar!




a fun horror based server to rp in. roleplay is the main focus of the server, with channels made for creepypasta, friday the 13th, and halloween. more places soon to come!

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SYFT.GG's language

Welcome to SYFT.GG We host Weekly events & FREE prizes! The home of the first influencer marketplace for gamers, by gamers. :space_invader: You play, we connect, and you get paid. :money_mouth:

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TheGoodPlace's language

Hello! Welcome to TheGudChat! A discord server you will always want to wake up for, we have a non-toxic chat, very friendly members and staff we have a truly nice atmosphere in the server) We do have an active chat. Well, why don’t you join, only takes some clicks of a button!

Europe's icon


Europe's language

Official Europe server, for those interested in Europe and its culture. We offer QOTD, FOTD, language learning, a Minecraft realm, events, current news, topic channels such as philosophy, history, vexillology, discussion. Roles based on language, country & interests. Welcoming users and much more

PlayStation Community's icon

PlayStation Community

PlayStation Community's language

Find players and groups for your PlayStation games. Find players and groups for your PlayStation games. Find players and groups for your PlayStation games. Find players and groups for your PlayStation games. Find players and groups for your PlayStation games. Find players and groups for your PlaySta



FLASH⚡MOBILE's language

FLASH⚡MOBILE Hallo Herzlich Willkommen auf dem FLASH⚡MOBILE Community Server! Diese Community ist zur Spieler, und Gruppen gedacht. Für Events, Clans, Scrims, und Informationen rund um diese Spiele. Unsere momentanen Spiele sind. Fortnite, Free Fire, Cyber Hunter, Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG, PUBG

Party Animals Romania's icon

Party Animals Romania

Party Animals Romania's language

RO: Primul server oficial romanesc destinat jocului Party Animals valabil pe Steam cu o echipa staff ce gandeste de 2 ori inainte sa actioneze si care are placerea de a oferi libertate. Canale atat voice cat si text cu memes, muzica, arta, gaming + mult mai multe update-uri in viitorul apropiat. Da-

Anicord - Anime & LGBTQ+ [GER/DE]'s icon

Anicord - Anime & LGBTQ+ [GER/DE]

Anicord - Anime & LGBTQ+ [GER/DE]'s language

✨ Anicord ist eine deutsche Community mit Fokus auf Anime, Manga und LGBT ✨ Bist du auf der Suche nach einem aktiven und dennoch entspannten Server voll mit netten, aufgeschlossen und hurmorvollen Leuten? Dann bist du hier genau richtig! ❤️ Jeder ist herzlich willkommen! ❤️



SERVER SIAPA's language

° •. • ╔═════ ๏ Server Siapa ? ๏ ═════╗ •. • ° Hi! Above that is not a question yes, but indeed we are from Server Siapa ?. A server that is intended for the public which is a place to gather as a community. Without being based on the interests of anyone, which means our server is your server too.




Cel mai mare grup de Naraka Romania unde iti poti gasi parteneri de joaca. Comportati-va civilizat, nu spamati, fiti politicosi!

四宮かぐや伺服器's icon


四宮かぐや伺服器's language

お可愛いごと Things we offer: - Ranking system (raise your rank through text messaging) - Unique currency system (purchase various items in server) - various events organised monthly by members of the server - Helpful and friendly admin staffs to help you - Livestream (anime and games) - Heavily modera

The Grand Crossing | Chill ● Anime ● Games ● Community's icon

The Grand Crossing | Chill ● Anime ● Games ● Community

The Grand Crossing | Chill ● Anime ● Games ● Community's language

Weeb + Normie Community Vcs and bots to chill with Respectful staff Events, and a server bot to buy server exclusive products

Hentai University's icon

Hentai University

Hentai University's language

Welcome to Hentai University we hope you will enjoy your staying and like the hentai we will serve you everday. We are looking for more friendly people who would join in here and enjoy the lewdness we are having. We will serve you with NSFW chats, NSFW pictures, Hentai, nudes and some more stuff.

Happy Halal Hangout's icon

Happy Halal Hangout

Happy Halal Hangout's language

Cool Place To Hangout And Make Friends! We have an active and friendly community and are also looking for staff!

[Revamp] Eastern Discord Security's icon

[Revamp] Eastern Discord Security

[Revamp] Eastern Discord Security's language

We are a private security server operating within Discord to battle against threatening Discord Users that are found all over Discord. The Eastern Discord Security Team is filled with prof. Discord Moderators that are eager to fight against such discord users: Hackers Raiders TOS breakers Scammers

『👤』tatcenterroblox - Official.'s icon

『👤』tatcenterroblox - Official.

『👤』tatcenterroblox - Official.'s language

🔸 🔹 ==================== 🔷 __tatcenter's Community 🔷 ====================🔹🔸 The tatcenterroblox - Offcial. This community will be a place to socialize, chat, find friends, helps and receive a small gifts. ❔ About the Community ❔ - tatcenterroblox - Official is for people to chat and make friends l