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Valhalla's language

|✨ VALHALLA ✨| A lewd community up in the heavens, beyond the pearly, golden gates. Join us for an eternity of fun~Join in for one hell of a time either chilling socially or even roleplaying! Did we mention the huge vault as well? Shh, don't tell Odin.. | ✨ 18+ ✨ |

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Quarantined But On Discord

Quarantined But On Discord's language

blob blob blob chatting blob pogger blob blob blob :blob:

Brawl Talk, Leaks & News!'s icon

Brawl Talk, Leaks & News!

Brawl Talk, Leaks & News!'s language

Brawl Talk, Leaks and News is a server which provides every kind of information related to Brawl Stars. Join the server now!

Mobile Universe / Genshin / Among Us / CODM +'s icon

Mobile Universe / Genshin / Among Us / CODM +

Mobile Universe / Genshin / Among Us / CODM +'s language

Gaming server for games like Among us pubgm,codm,last day rules survival and much more! Friendly community-regular nitro giveaways and season pass giveaways. Active VCs and Jam sessions! Successfull clans in all 3 games to join.

Drinker's Paradise's icon

Drinker's Paradise

Drinker's Paradise's language

[23+ SFW] Looking for a cozy adult community where you can kick back after work, drink on VC, and chat about life? Join Drinker’s Paradise, a new community of like minded folks aiming to create lasting friendships and good memories :beers: Hope to see you there!

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SHUTUP's language

Laidback server dedicated to vaporwave aesthetics! ⛱ Good vibes only and top notch community. ? Explore and express your creativity. ツ

Tasye PUB 『FR』 ✓'s icon

Tasye PUB 『FR』 ✓

Tasye PUB 『FR』 ✓'s language

Faites votre PUB avec Tasye PUB

Ancient World's icon

Ancient World

Ancient World's language

Join fast growing community with active and friendly people, fun events, giveaways, assignable roles, and much more. Thousands of members are waiting for you!

Official FMAdvancedPlaymaker's Discord's icon

Official FMAdvancedPlaymaker's Discord

Official FMAdvancedPlaymaker's Discord's language

Really active football manager discord server with a great community and a strong mod team. If you like football or any other sports and their video game counterparts, this is the place for you!

Spacecord's icon


Spacecord's language

Welcome! This is Spacecord, a whole discord server dedicated to space! No matter the level of involvement or knowledge, all are welcome. We have frequent discussions on a variety of topics, from general astronomy to self taken pictures of space to gaming.

KINGDOM's icon


KINGDOM's language

Welcome to my Kingdom, This server is for all categories e.g, gaming, share your talent, tournaments etc. Be a part of our Kingdom and Enjoy!

Gateway City's icon

Gateway City

Gateway City's language

The City of Gateway. It gets it's name for the amount of anomalies and strange people that live here, almost like it's a gateway between dimensions. Featuring a quality approval process, fandom OCs, and more, come join in the fun!

\ Strip Bar 👉🏿👌🏻| NSFW | 18+ /'s icon

\ Strip Bar 👉🏿👌🏻| NSFW | 18+ /

\ Strip Bar 👉🏿👌🏻| NSFW | 18+ /'s language

Приглашаем вас на сервер по 18+ контенту, настроенный под автоматические рассылки с популярных ресурсов (Twitter, Reddit) подразделенные на разные категории, где вы еще такое слышали? Welcome to the server for 18+ content, configured for automatic posting lists from popular resources (Twitter, Red

Melancholy | Emotes • Anime • Social • Fun • Gaming's icon

Melancholy | Emotes • Anime • Social • Fun • Gaming

Melancholy | Emotes • Anime • Social • Fun • Gaming's language

Anxiety and depression server. Includes 500 Gudetama (melancholy egg yolk) emoji for Nitro users. Over 2,100 members.

Channel 35²'s icon

Channel 35²

Channel 35²'s language

Welcome to Channel 35² This server dabbles in primarily popular Nintendo switch games. For example, Smash Bros Ultimate, Splatoon 2, Rocket League, and so on. Hope you comes join us. This server is focused on - Playing games with each other - Meeting new people. - Creating a

recovery wing's icon

recovery wing

recovery wing's language

RW is a place for folks who are looking to control, manage, or stop their addictions. We do not advocate solely on the behalf of any one program of recovery because there are many paths to achieving your goals.

Advertise Your Bot's icon

Advertise Your Bot

Advertise Your Bot's language

AYB is the official Bot list of Advertise Your Server. With many growth dedicated features as well as a lot of exposure we can help you grow and develop your bot! We offer round the clock support as well as tips and tricks as well as a place to find bots for your server!

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Intellectualist's language

The exercise of the intellect. excessive emphasis on abstract or intellectual matters, especially with a lack of proper consideration for emotions. Philosophy . the doctrine that knowledge is wholly or chiefly derived from pure reason. the belief that reason is the final principle of reality.

Suite 7A's icon

Suite 7A

Suite 7A's language

18+ adult social server with artistic and NSFW facets. We pride ourselves in our easy-going and pleasant voice chat routine.

Society's icon


Society's language

Society is a watering hole for those of us who enjoy the more casual side of adult conversation. Designed to be voice chat and stage-centric, our voice channels are situated at the top of our community, both literally and figuratively. Discuss topics anywhere from politics, religion, philosophy, and

AEGIS AOE's icon


AEGIS AOE's language

We have channels for aoe1, aoe2, aoe3, all from HD, DE, to voobly, CS (custom scenario), age of Mythology, map scripting, ai scripting, aoe4( HYPE) and Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds. We also have channels for non aoe people, channels in greek and spanish, but most used language being english.

The Visual Arts Cult's icon

The Visual Arts Cult

The Visual Arts Cult's language

A self-improvement focused art discord for all visual mediums. Take part and help us motivate each other as a collective! Safe For Work, 16+.

Aspie's Moon's icon

Aspie's Moon

Aspie's Moon's language

Hey ihr Aspienauten! Wir vom Aspie's Moon freuen uns auf euch und das kunterbunte Päckchen was ihr mitbringt. Egal ob Aspie oder anders verrückt - nicht normal ist bei uns gern gesehen.

KuchenTVs Discord Server's icon

KuchenTVs Discord Server

KuchenTVs Discord Server's language

KuchenTV Discord Server Dies ist der offizielle Server des Youtubers/Streamers KuchenTV. Neben Video und Stream Benachrichtigungen bieten wir ebenfalls Memes, Wettbewerbe und andere Community Events an, wie Among Us Runden (meistens OnStream)!

SFS Fleet Yards's icon

SFS Fleet Yards

SFS Fleet Yards's language

Welcome to the SFS Fleet Yards. We are a community of SFS players from the hit mobile game SFS. We enjoy building massive creations in orbit and on the ground. If you want to get in on a rapidly growing community with lots of opportunities be sure to check us out.

The FM Academy's icon

The FM Academy

The FM Academy's language

Are you interested in getting better at Football Manager? Well then hop on over to FMA! - We have guides on different parts of the game - 'Coaches' ready to help out with tactics and FM in general - And a friendly place for chatting about the game Hope to welcome you to our niche community :)

⭐AlphaTradeZone®⭐'s icon


⭐AlphaTradeZone®⭐'s language

AlphaTradeZone® is a platform for cryptocurrency research, trading tips and education. VIP Trading calls - Quite good profits! Cryptocurrency research and analysis Automated trading Bot trading Algorithmic trading Crypto alerts on wallet transfers Crypto technical trading indicators

The Wish's Curse's icon

The Wish's Curse

The Wish's Curse's language


Matcha | Social, Chill & Anime's icon

Matcha | Social, Chill & Anime

Matcha | Social, Chill & Anime's language

Coffeehouse server dedicated to customers looking for friendly, meaningful conversations.

『Monochrome.』- Anime and Manga's icon

『Monochrome.』- Anime and Manga

『Monochrome.』- Anime and Manga's language

The only limit is what you can't comprehend. Monochrome accepts all. Inherits the heart and soul(s) of the Soul Engine. The Ultimate place for Anime and Manga discussion and appreciation. This is your one stop destination.

Wholesome Café's icon

Wholesome Café

Wholesome Café's language

─────── · · · · ★ · · · · ─────── We are a small new aspiring community. This is a 18+ SFW adult mature server. It has cute emojies. Come check them out. It's purpose is for you to make friends xd Feel free to join. ─────── · · · · ★ · · · · ───────